Boutique Pawville

Welcome to our boutique. When we first decided to establish a store in the Timberlea Veterinary Clinic we spent a lot of time talking to people just like you who shared their homes with their 4 legged friends. It was very important to us that we stock the store with those items that would make your life easier and your dog or cat’s lives more complete.

We brought in toys and treats, collars and leashes, beds and crates, brushes and combs, and some interesting and fun gifts for people too... quality items that are practical, useful and fun. We looked for things that improved both the animal’s lives and their person’s as well. We brought in those items that we as dog and cat people would want to have in our homes... and things that we thought our cats and dogs would enjoy and approve of . We also tried to stock the store with great items while also keeping the environment in mind. Things like biodegradable poop bags and soy based leashes, collars and harnesses.

So come and visit the Timberlea Veterinary Clinic and drop into our Boutique. We would love to chat with you and meet your canine or feline friends who, of course, are always welcome.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened." — Anatole France