The Saga of Brando’s Bed

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to shop. So when I decided that Brando, my 7 year old  Doberman needed  a new bed I was giddy with excitement. But when I started to consider all the options available , my excitement was slowly replaced by an overwhelming feeling of indecision.

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Blindness in Animals

As a veterinarian, I have had the pleasure and privilege of vetting animals with many disabilities- the 3 legged labrador, the paraplegic dachshund, and numerous vision impaired dogs and cats. However, there is a difference when dealing with an animal who goes blind, versus one that

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Breed Specific Legislation

Giving Blood

“Can Copper come in today? We are doing a blood drive” my technicians asks the client. We like it when Copper comes in to give blood. He is big, he has huge veins, and with only a few bribes of biscuits, Copper hardly needs to be held when we poke his jugular

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