Blindness in Animals


As a veterinarian, I have had the pleasure and privilege of vetting animals with many disabilities- the 3 legged labrador, the paraplegic dachshund, and numerous vision impaired dogs and cats. However, there is a difference when dealing with an animal who goes blind, versus one that

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Breed Specific Legislation


Giving Blood

“Can Copper come in today? We are doing a blood drive” my technicians asks the client. We like it when Copper comes in to give blood. He is big, he has huge veins, and with only a few bribes of biscuits, Copper hardly needs to be held when we poke his jugular to

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Annie’s Story


As I find myself trying on an outfit on our newly adopted 7 pound llasa cross, my husband makes a comment like “I guess you didn’t have Barbie’s when you were younger.” This is true, but I would never dress a dog except for warmth, only in this case it is for allergies. Annie

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I have always had healthy dogs. I was always convinced that crosses rarely got sick, and that by adopting dogs, I would not have a problem. Well, Coal proved that theory wrong.

He was dropped off at my old clinic in 2011, and what appealed to me about this young lab X was that

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Resort Animals


I love to travel.

I love nice bed and breakfasts, resorts and hotels.

I miss my animals when travelling.

So when I end up in a resort that has a program of spay/neuter release with notes like “all of our animals are treated routinely by a vet” or “we use rodent control

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Ticks, Fleas & Other Bibittes

images (2)

Just back from the North American Veterinary Conference. Whenever I tell people that I have been to a conference, they wink knowingly. What they don’t realize is that for veterinarians, these conferences must be attended.  It has become so sophisticated that they scan your badge

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Winter Walking

Timberlea blog_winter walking

I don’t think I have heard anyone ever say that we have had an easy winter. Many were excited with the lack of snow before Christmas- it boded well for an “easy” season. However, the extremes of hot and cold quickly changed everyone’s mind- give me snow ANY day over this continuous

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Feather trees


A few years ago, I decided to do a Christmas tree fundraiser for Le Nichoir. I have a friend who had just moved to the Eastern Townships and had purchased a tree farm. Liking catchy phrases, I thought it would be fun to name the fundraising campaign “Feather Trees” in order to

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Breaking Rules


I have learned a few things in my life as a vet. Nothing stays the same, better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission, and finally, rules are meant to be broken. They have kept me pretty well over my 28 years as a vet.

So, we have a rule at the clinic. When we get cats

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