Covid tails- (pun intended!) Part 3

This is the story about Bear, who lost the tip of his tail this spring. I have been following the exploits of Bear, a squirrel, who has befriended someone who I follow on Facebook . He appeared 3-4 months after her dog Arty passed away, and somehow seemed to be so friendly, that Nat wondered if Bear was Arty reincarnated. 

What is so interesting is Bear, AKA , her “yard son” will follow her out on her daily run to the birdfeeder, keeping a “social” distance, but definitely brave enough to know food was coming. He will come to her kitchen window and wait. Nat is new to being a home owner, and has thoroughly loved watching the birds and urban wildlife surrounding her home. But for some reason, Bear has decided he has an affinity for this human and will even forage 5 feet away while she is outside doing yard work.

So when approached last week to help out with Bear who either got the tip of his tail caught by a cat, or another squirrel (mating males can be quite aggressive), I was bound to help. We could see by the pictures that it was inflamed and concerned about an infection, we decided a course of antibiotics would be needed. Squirrels are rodents, related to, yes, rats and mice (some would say cuter, but rat owners would disagree). So we found a suitable antibiotic in liquid form, and prescribed it.

At first when he came right on cue, and took the proffered peanut butter laced with antibiotic, he smelled it and went “no way”.  He then refused to acknowledge Nat, disgusted with her attempt to help. Finally, he accepted it in a banana, and was treated for the week.

I finally received a follow up picture, and was pleased to see the tip of the tail dry and healing. Hopefully it will grow some fur, and resume his wonderful look. Whether she is looking after him, or he is looking after her post loss, the relationship is sound, and hopefully we can follow his exploits for a few more years to come!