Choosing The Right Winter Coat For Your Dog

With the temperature getting cooler and winter coming closer, it’s time to think about suiting up your pup to protect him from the cold.

The first thing to ask yourself is,

Does Your Dog Need A Winter Coat?

Many dogs have an easy time staying warm during the winter, while others don’t.  Dogs that definitely need to be shielded from the cold with a warm jacket are:

  • Short haired dogs or very small dogs.
  • Dogs with a weak immune system.
  • Older dogs.
  • Young pups.
  • Dog breeds accustomed to warm climates.
  • Skinny dogs without enough fat to keep them warm.

If your dog has thick fur, or handles the cold well, he may not need a coat this winter.  Even if your dog may not need a coat for warmth, it may be helpful for your dog to have something to keep him dry on the  wet, cold days.

5 Things to consider when choosing a coat.

  1. When choosing a coat for your pup, you’ll need to take his anatomy into consideration. It has to be the right length and fit comfortably. It’s important not to impede his or her ability to go to the bathroom. It’s a good idea to bring your dog along so you can make sure it fits properly.
  2. In our climate, warmth is key, so insulation should be one of the most important features, next to fit. Other things to consider might be wind blocking and water resistance for the cold and rainy days. Making a fashion statement should be last on the list of important factors when shopping for a coat for your dog. If a coat looks good, but does nothing to keep the dog warm, it defeats the purpose.
  3. If you have an older dog or one that has difficulty moving, look for something that will be really easy to put on. Make sure to avoid any coats where the dog would need to step in and out of the coat.  If you have a very active dog, you will probably want to avoid anything that restricts the legs.
  4. How does the coat stay secured to your dog’s body? Does it use Velcro, or adjustable straps or just slide on? Think of how easy it will be for you to take the coat on and off.
  5. Is it washable? Preferably, a dog coat should be machine washable for practical purposes. While it is possible to hand wash dog coats, it might be easier just to make sure you can drop the coat into the washing machine.

Our knowledgeable staff at Boutique Pawville can assist you in selecting the coat that’s right for your pup. We carry several different styles, in all sizes and many different designs. We also carry booties and Snoods for keeping their ears warm.

Thanks to George for being our model!