Summer Safety Tips

Whether you’re going on an extended road trip this summer or just bringing Fido along for a short drive around town, there are a few important tips to remember in order to keep your pup safe in the car.

Under no circumstances should an animal be left in a car in the summer heat. Doing so could be fatal. Temperatures inside a car, can rise to dangerous levels within minutes. If the temperature outside is 80 degrees,  the temperature inside a car can reach 100 degrees after 10 minutes and can get to over 115 degrees in 30 minutes.

The summer heat can be hard to handle even outside a vehicle! High temperatures can make us all thirsty, including your pup.  Always be sure to have plenty of water on hand for both of you as to avoid dehydration. There are many collapsible bowls and adapted water bottles that make it easy to give Fido a drink on the go. Cooling vests and cooling collars are a great way to keep your pup comfortable as well.

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We know you love your fur baby, but the front seat of the car is no place for an animal. That means no holding your pet on your lap while you drive, and no pets on the passenger side seat. Even if your dog is big enough for the passenger side seatbelt to fit over him, he would still be at risk even in the smallest of accidents if the airbag should deploy, or if he slid over or under the belt. Seat belts and airbags are designed for the adult sized human body, after all.

It’s important to secure dogs of all sizes in travel-rated crates or carriers, both for the dog’s safety and to prevent distractions while driving. If possible, crates should be secured in the back seat of a car or the cargo area of an SUV, station wagon, or minivan, and strapped in so that the crate won’t slide around during sudden stops. If a crate is not an option, look for a safety harness that buckles directly into the seat belt buckle, and strap your dog into the back seat.



For more tips on how to keep your pets safe this summer, come and talk to our knowledgeable staff at Boutique Pawville! We carry a full line of crates and harnesses as well as on the go water bottles and cooling collars!