The Saga of Brando’s Bed

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to shop. So when I decided that Brando, my 7 year old  Doberman needed  a new bed I was giddy with excitement. But when I started to consider all the options available , my excitement was slowly replaced by an overwhelming feeling of indecision. How do I pick a bed from all the great beds that we sell in our Boutique Pawville?

How do I pick the perfect bed for my adult large breed dog. So, if you too are looking to acquire a new bed for your fine furry friend,  then you’re welcome to come along  for the journey.

Here’s how to start:

1) measure your dog…nose to tail. We often forget how big/small our companions are when they are not with us and it’s important to get the right size bed….too small and the dog could spill over the side…..too big and small dogs may feel “lost” and  uncomfortable.

2) how does your dog like to sleep…curled up in a ball, or stretched out completely? This will determine the kind of style. A pillow , nesting or donut bed for the curled up sleeper  or an orthopedic mattress, mat or pad for the stretched out sleeper .

3)Choose where you want to put the bed. Is it meant  to fit in a certain spot? Take measurements. Also, does the color need to match the decore? Gather swatches and paint samples.

4) Decide what features are important to you…  take into account, style, material, size, washability, quality and price. A hairless breed might be happiest with a heated bed and shyer dogs may appreciate a hooded bed where they can feel safe.

So, with all this info in hand it was time to decide.
Brando likes to sleep curled up in a ball with something touching his back so I decided to get him a  nesting type bed. It is spring so a plush fabric would be too hot, so I opted for a cotton twill which would wash easily. He is a large breed dog  so I wanted a bed that had a comfortable pillow bottom but a good quality one that wouldn’t flatten down in a week. I also wanted a blue bed for him that  would match my bedroom  decor. Now, with all the elements decided, I knew what I wanted and it made my ultimate decision so much easier with all factors taken into consideration. I decided to go with a Canada Pooch donut bed in an easy to wash canvas and as you can see, Brando is pleased with my choice.

At Boutique Pawville located within our clinic, we carry all shapes and sizes of dog beds. If you need some help choosing the right bed for your fur baby, come and see me at Boutique Pawville and I’ll be more than happy to lend a paw…oops!…hand :).

Susan Filsner