Resort Animals

I love to travel.

I love nice bed and breakfasts, resorts and hotels.

I miss my animals when travelling.

So when I end up in a resort that has a program of spay/neuter release with notes like “all of our animals are treated routinely by a vet” or “we use rodent control with Dusty the cat” I immediately go to Trip Advisor and rate them highly.

One of our most recent dive trips with Action Scuba Pointe-Claire brought us to a little gem of a resort called the Little Cayman Beach Resort. Although a long way to get to (never a direct flight, I have begun to realize if you dive) we ended up in the quintessential Caribbean resort- palm trees, turquoise waters, flawless beaches. But most important, there was the resort cat.

We first met Flip in the bar with our welcoming rum punch. He jumped up onto the bar counter – partly to see if anyone would pay attention, partly to greet the new guests. He was quickly chastised and returned to the floor to weave in and around our feet. There was a fresh bowl of water and kibble at the back area.

I continued to monitor Flips whereabouts during our trip. His morning routine is to sit outside the screened in porch and look mournfully into where the diners eat. As someone came out, he quickly ascertains if this person is cat friendly or not – they are smart, they know if someone looks at them, or talks to them, replying with a meow will most likely win you a treat next time. Those who briefly glanced toward him and disdainfully moved away were not worth his time of day. He would avert his eyes and usually assume the yoga position that cats only seem to achieve- the clean your privates with your leg stuck up in the air. I call it the cat bc pose (bum cleaning).

I asked around how Flip ended up as the resort mascot. Apparently owner by a dive master, who had to leave after 9 years (one can only reside for 9 years in the Cayman if not a resident), he was so well ensconced by that time so he was wisely left behind. Cats apparently don’t fall into the 9 year rule.

His cat life is as luxurious as any can be. After all the meals where only the weak (such as myself) succumbed to feeding him choice pieces of meat or chicken, he would wander into the bar area to sleep it off. If the day wasn’t too hot, he could be found sunning himself in the sand, often not too far from some of the resident iguanas. One time he inadvertently wandered into the porch area when someone left the door open a little too long. I laughed when I saw how quickly he wanted back out- rather like my cats at home. It is always better on the other side.

When people ask me if I enjoyed my trip to Little Cayman- I answer with an enthusiastic “yes”. We had great dives, great food, great location, great people, but most importantly, we had Flip. This to me is part of 5 star resort!